Hamburg, Germany

Hurtwood House

Boarding School for Visual and Performing Arts
A-Levels in Fine Art & Photography
Dorking, UK

City College Brighton & Hove

Art & Design Foundation Course
Brighton, UK

Photo assistant

freelance artist and photographer
Brighton, UK

Kunstschule Wandsbek
BA Communication Design
Hamburg, Germany

freelance artist
Hamburg, Germany

Millerntor Gallery #9 Magazin
Create! Magazine Issue VIII
Vangardist Magazine


2021 100 Blickwinkel
Millerntor Gallery

Hamburg (Groupshow)
2020 ÜberQuell
Hamburg (Groupshow)
Vallery #1 (Online Groupshow)
Hamburg (Groupshow)
2018 Top Display
Hamburg (Soloshow)
2017 Atelier Art & Bar
Norderney (Groupshow)
2015-2017 DIALOG
Das kleine Schwarze
Hamburg (Groupshow)

GoSee Award 2016, merit

Hi I am Stef (or Stefa), a multidisciplinary artist from Hamburg, Germany. I strive to connect people and be funny and creative while doing so. What started of as painting for self-therapy, has turned into a kind of performance art. I openly and passionately share my painting processes online – every discovery and success but also every stumble and misshap. My objective is to show people that mistakes can lead to unimaginable break throughs and personal happiness. Dare to act! Getting this message across by creating art, sharing art and teaching art is my nerver ending source of energy, growth and happiness.

The excessive availability of information in the digital age and the constant comparison with our peers inspires me to create my works. We live in a world where everything seems to exist already, where everything has been done before by someone who did it better or faster than you. We are constantly made to feel that we are missing out on things. We are seduced to quick and thoughtless consumption. In this environment, it is no wonder that not only do we leave marks on earth, but our environment also leaves a mental mark on us.

The flood of visual and emotional stimuli and the resulting rollercoaster of emotions are presented on my canvases in the form of overloaded compositions. The variety of textures patterns and colours are all fighting for the viewers attention, trying to make their eyes linger for as long as possible.

The request to be more patient, resourceful and self-aware is reflected in the lengthy and repetitive nature of the process of my work. Nothing is wasted, neither an idea nor a material. Leftover dried paint is repurposed for collages, which serve as inspiration for new paintings. I recycle my own thoughts and processes.