On the 26.04.2020 I was invited to do an Instagram Take Over for the Millerntor Gallery. After a little introduction and a studio tour, I invited everyone to tell me in the comments what they wanted me to paint. I then proceeded all day to collect your ideas and combine them into a big collaborative painting to create a big collaboration despite our social distancing due to the current situation.
Here is the result and my interpretation of the piece:
All the elements you told me to paint fit so well together!
1. The Skull, 2. Graffiti, 3. wave pattern, 4. the brushstrokes and 5. Hamburg outline represent the home of Viva con Agua.
6. The moon is controlling the tides of the ocean and making our world go round.
7. Karma (my dog and trusty studio companion) howling at the moon, sitting on top of 8. the glowing tennis ball (we will bounce back from hardship) 9. saturn flying through space, accompanied by her best friend 10. the kiwi bird in a flying 11. egg cup UFO.
12. Seeing a blue tit fly in the sky means love is on the way. Underneath it you see enough 13. worms/food to go around for everyone. We can share!
14. The pyramids are a reminder to look at things from all angles.
15. The Jellyfish stands for marine life.
16. The pink lines remind me of plastic straws and pollution. 18. The right corner is a visualization of how overwhelmed and confused we sometimes feel (The purple brush stroke is an abstract hug and the white scribble is a thought).
19. But the little paper boat is leaving noone behind.
20. The elegant flower growing alongside the skull is a Statice. It stands for remembrance.
Could this be any more perfect? You really showed up guys! Thank you so much!
The original painting has SOLD. 50% of the profit will be donated to @vivaconagua to help people get the clean drinking water, hygiene education and sanitary facilities they deserve.