This is a sculpture I created for the „Kunst in Hamburg“ recycling campaign from @levis_germany. It’s made of old Levi’s jeans and a lot of love. For me, the fish represents a new cycle of life, change and evolution… In my work (usually paintings) I combine organic brush strokes with graphic patterns. Giving up control and gaining it back. The time-consuming work of painting (or in this case cutting out and sticking on) the same shapes over and over again might seem tedious to some, but for me, it‘s very calming and the huge amount of pieces my works are made up of give me a sense of community and solidarity. I had an absolutely amazing day following the fish around Hamburg City and visiting the other sculptures from Bobbie Serrano and Jule Waibel at the different Levi’s stores. If you saw the fish around town on the 4th of September 2020, I hope it brought a smile to your face.

In lovely cooperation with Viva Con Agua and Millerntor Gallery.


The fish is 290cm long, 160cm high and 85cm in width. I created a wooden frame, covered in chicken wire and recycled paper maché. I then proceeded to cut out various shapes from old Levi’s jeans – scales, triangles, squares. I used every part the jeans is made up of; from the waistband down to the zipper, the pockets, and all the different seams. In total, 39 jeans were used.