These collages were created for the exhibition „100 Blickwinkel auf St. Pauli“ from the Millerntor Gallery. 50% of the profit are donated to VIVA CON AGUA Arts

The collages were created using recycled acrylic paint chips, which I scrape off my painting palettes and collect, instead of throwing leftover paint away at the end of a working day.

The works are an abstract representation of my feelings towards the disctrict St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany. For me, the discrict represents diversity and the freedom to express yourself. It’s a place were people come together and work together towards a better, kinder, more sustainable world. You also find street art on every corner.

The skull is the second work of the series.

WE ARE ST. PAULI (Stadtteil)

This is the first collage of the series WE ARE ST. PAULI. An abstract collage showing the shape of the disctrict.