A symbol for sustainability.

It’s more than two meters long, weighs around 75 kilograms, and transports 24 special containers – DB SCHENKER’s new symbol for sustainability in ocean freight. The company invited me to redesign a model ship that represents the ambition of driving sustainability in the logistics industry.

The largest container ships in the world can carry more than twenty thousand containers. The redesigned model ship transports three key messages: 1. Ocean Freight is the most sustainable way of transport, 2. we need to take care of the world and each other and 3. When we work together we can create the biggest change.

About the design

Keywords related to these incentives like sustainability, ocean, ocean life (fish, corals, algae), technical progress, futuristic thinking, teamwork were translated into visuals, some rather abstract, some more literal and painted on to the containers. The body itself is made up of over 3000 hand-painted pixels. Their colors are inspired by the DB Schenker colors as well as the officical UN Sustainability Goals (SGDs).

The pixels are not only a signature component of my artworks, but carry an important message as well – on our own we might believe our actions are insignificant to this world, just like a little square of paint, we drown in the masses. But when hundreds, thousands or even millions of us work together, we can achieve the most amazing things. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Our world is mighty and colorful and ready for change. And so are we!