This is a painting I created for this year‘s virtual version of the @millerntorgallery 💙
Right from the start I knew that I wanted to use this opportunity not to promote my own art, but to direct the focus once again on to the Black Lives Matter Movement. During the creation of this work I was listening to the audio book version of „EXIT RACISM“ an eye opening book by @tupoka.o which I very much recommend to anyone who… no – simply to everyone! I am only half way through but it has already been a hell of a wake up call. I know I have been living in a little happy bubble my whole life. It‘s time to not only be „not racist“ but actively (!) anti racist. I let all the feelings that came up during the recent times flow into this painting. It‘s a mixture of fear, anger, helplessness and frustration. But also a lot of strength, the feeling of community and hope for change. I wanted the viewer to walk towards the painting and think about how energetic and happy and wild it looks. What a nice piece of abstract art. But as you get closer you notice the statement written across it. And you are thrown back into reality. No matter what keeps us busy in our day to day life – we must not forget to keep this message present and continue the fight for equality. Everyone of us. Every single day. Together.
I was asked if the message was a last minute decision because it‘s written on tape and stuck in the middle. But this was actually a well thought out placement, because the masking tape reminded me of the police tape used in the USA and this connection made me shudder.
Due to our current circumstances the wonderful people from Viva Con Agua Arta s have decided to realize their festival by recreating the Millerntor stadium in 3D for all of us to walk/click through and enjoy murals and the feeling of community save from our own homes. For the whole month you will be able to view this digital installation, buy art prints to support their social work for Viva Con Agua and also enjoy lots of live streams with amazing content on
Mixed Media on Canvas
70 x 50 x 3 cm